This is a story example for my story making class. This will hopefully help my students think about how to structure a story with a beginning, middle and end, how to include descriptions and comparisons, to include some kind of climax and to end with something that the character learns and for the reader to learn.


My first/favorite memory: 

It was a dark and quiet clear night. We just got done eating dinner in our usual way. It was Tuesday, so we had meatloaf and asparagus, my favorite meal. The meatloaf was hot and moist and was dripping with ketchup. I like to mix my meatloaf with my mashed potatoes so the flavors come together in a Milky Way kind of way. The steaming asparagus was soaked in butter and cooked to delicate perfection. The outside was a little soft and as I bit into it, there was a pleasant crunchy sound that hummed my ears. Somehow, my mom knows just how much time the asparagus needs to be cooked without using a timer. She’s a great cook and I hope one day I can chef as well as she can.

          After dinner, my belly was so full I thought it might burst and all that tasty food would come flying into the dining room and snuff out the candle lights. My dad, then told us to get ready for bed. “But daaaaaaad! I’m not even tired yet”, I complain. “I’m too heavy to move one bit!”, exclaims my brother Mark. My mom encourages us and says, “Brush your teeth and put on your pajamas. Then, we can go out onto the roof and we’ll tell you stories of the night sky.”

~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~

After we brushed our teeth and put our night-clothes on, we eagerly grabbed our sleeping bags and pillows and ran up to the window where we could crawl through to the flat roof. We found my mother and father waiting for us with a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and two glasses of milk shaped like Star Wars characters. Ever since I can remember, my dad took us out to the rooftop and told us stories under the starry night sky. He would sometimes tell us stories of his past, but more regularly would make up stories where he invented characters and created entire worlds for us to explore in our imaginations while we listened to the creation. Sometimes, my mom would even join and they created these strange worlds together that my brother and I took with us into our dreams and let the characters take a new form within our imaginations.

          On this particular night, the four of us gathered on the rooftop for another exciting night of storytelling. It was a cool night with a light breeze that smelled like someone was having a campfire a few houses away. The sky was completely clear of clouds and there must have been a million stars all twinkling their sparkly eyes down on us. My parents were telling us the story about the constellation Orion and the Pleiades cluster.

          The story is about Orion who is madly in love with seven maidens and goes a little like this. “One day…” my dad begins, “Orion sees seven maidens bathing in a catch-pool near a waterfall and suddenly begins to turn crazy. The seven maidens get scared and start to run.” “Orion chases after them for a very long time but can never catch them” continues my mother excitedly. “Soon the gods felt sorry for the maidens so they turned them into stars.” “Whoa, look!” my dad proclaims with a scoff, as he points to the sky. Just as my parents got to this part of the story, a brilliant shooting star darts across the sky! The curious part was that it came from Orion’s belt and went towards the Seven Maidens! “What a strange coincidence this was” I thought to myself. My mom finishes the story by saying, “Orion was also turned into a group of stars and now continues his chase of the Seven Maidens across the night sky every winter season, unaware that in several million years, the Pleiades cluster will disperse and die before he ever gets a chance to reach them.”

~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~

          I will always remember my nights with Mark and parents on the flat roof in Chicago, Illinois. These are some of my best memories. My parents taught me the joys of storytelling and opened up a world of wonder in my imagination. From the very first time we went onto our roof, I fell in love with the stars. I continue to feel amazed when I look up at the night-sky just as I did when I was littler. To this day, the mysteries of the stars encourage me to always ask questions and always to wonder.