Here’s to the quotes that will be unforgotten. They linger in tiny crevices, in unsuspecting nooks. They await a traveler, running in haste, to bump into them and take them aback, if only to ponder their existence  for awhile. Something to marinate over their adventurous minds, and give meaning to the new worlds they will soon discover…

~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~

“Breathing in, I’m alive right here,
Breathing out, my mind is clear
Breathing in, my body is at ease,
Breathing out, I am at peace….”

“Each beginning is the end of a waiting.
We are each given exactly one chance to be.
Each of us is both impossible and inevitable.
Every replete tree was first a seed that waited.”

“Since those days our world has changed
Our love remains the same,
and I’m proud of all the blessings.
Love is what makes me smile when I’m tired.
In the end, I think it’s safe to say that
we brought some joy to one another’s lives.
If the sun were to rise in the west,
my love would be unchanged forever.”

“I got quite a taste for life out at sea,
When looking for you after you had left me.
So lets pack our bags and get back on your boat,
And we can get married once we are afloat.

Here’s the beginning of love at the end of our travail.
So farewell, kind friends, as in to the sunset we sail.”