Why don’t we just sit in caves?
A warm fire casting our shadows on the wall.
Do our shadows also sit?
No, they dance!

Why don’t we just sit in caves?
Safe from the wild winds that coo and crash.
Does our imagination share our company ’round the fire?
No, it runs wild with the wind!

Why don’t we just sit in caves?
Counting the spoils that we don’t deserve.
Does our wealth feed the fire when it’s low?
No, our wealth does not sit in caves!

Why don’t we just sit in caves?                        Admiring the useful things we have made.  Does our creativity cuddle close, as to be blinded by the light?                                          No, it seeks to be let go of and shared!
Why don’t we just sit in caves?                        Allowing our brethren to conquer the lands around us.                                                 Is our jealousy content with just enough?      No, it follows our greed in haste!

Why don’t we just sit in caves?                        Away from all the threats and dangers of life.                                                                         Does our curiosity cradle an unchanging environment?                                                      No, it is boundless energy! Waiting to be tickled awake.

Why didn’t we just sit in caves?                       We are Homo sapien!!


When one decides to embark on a journey, any journey, they’re inadvertently deciding to leave a piece of themselves behind. The piece that says, “Do something you’ve done before. Do something that is safe and familiar. You know the outcome, it’s fun, and there’s nothing to lose.” The little hermit thought the same thing, but slowly learned that, those who just stay in caves are simply dying. When the cave finally gave birth to the hermit, visions of an entire multiverse fell over the eyes and absorbed her. It was the first moment the sun welcomed with a warm embrace, the human spirit.