An ordinary asteroid was nudged, very slightly, by minute gravitational interactions and directed towards the lonely living planet. Then inhabited by giant, scaly monsters, it wiped them all out allowing for its tiny mammalian creatures to emerge from their protective crevices and bask in the abundant sunlight, thus opening up the opportunity for evolution to run its course in creating the most intelligent creatures in the known universe…

Then, by using our unparalleled creative intellect, we found utility in taking the subsequent liquefied monster-bones and burning it to energize our countless conveniencemobiles, making life sweet and adventurous. After decades of realizing the blunder this beautiful mess has caused, we’ve regressed to the pea-sized conscious of a quadruped chasing its own tail.

The demise of those monstrous-dinos surely made our very existence possible, and while their death was tragic, the glorious sensation of living is remarkable and I am grateful for their sacrifice. Now, with a comic sense of irony, these monsters may be doing more to kill us dead than they would have alive. But it’s not their fault. Only we are the ones smart enough to discover a way to allow a species already extinct to potentially wipe us out.

If the burning of fossil fuels eventually leads to the extinction of the human race, was it the dinosaurs that killed us? Or us? What a find for unsuspecting space voyagers that would be.