With inspiration from my fellow traveler (Proud Feet) through the blogosphere, I have decided to follow his lead (even though he prefers picking up the rear) in creating smaller versions of my often lengthy prose. This will (hopefully) enable me to create more posts that are more convenient and enjoyable for readers.


Distant Contradictions:

The thing that has brought me closer to friends and family has not been FB, nor my Smartphone or any other form of technology or social media. The essential thing that has brought me closer to those I love has been the distance I created by coming to S.Korea.


Lukewarm Lullabies:

To me, the worst part about this whole Presidential election is the argument that Hillary is the better vote because she can do better against the even worse Republican candidates. Included in this debauchery is that she will also be able to work with Congress more to get things passed, whereas Bernie will more than likely have a harder time than Obama has been having working with Congress. I believe this type of thought process is flawed, but I can understand its potential effectiveness among many voters. We need a President that will stir the pot and not succumb to the idle gravitation towards a mediocre existence where we continue becoming Einstein’s definition of insanity. We need a President that won’t let the Stew of American Democracy Bern! Coffee, like tea, is only drinkable poured over ice or steaming at the surface. Hillary’s coffee is lukewarm. Lukewarm anything is a crime to humanity. Except for milk… for a baby.