Knowing how to begin a thing is always the hardest part. Eventually you end up needing to just do something, ignoring whether or not it turns out how you wanted it to. I’m finally getting this thing started. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted my voice to be, but I’ve decided that this being my first blog, my voice will develop as I go.

A view of the perspective I stumbled into from my first adventure in Gimhae, South Korea to mark the occasion of my first blog post.


My goal will be to first introduce living in South Korea as it is my first adventure as a blogger. From there, my endeavor will be to continue sharing these anecdotes as I move freely about this world from place to place, wherever the wind decides to blow my curious wandering mind. I will do this by the best means I know how: sharing stories and pictures of my adventures, food, hang outs, teaching experiences and little blips that could help a fellow traveler should they ever decide to step foot on this side of our wandering blue rock.

I will also preface by giving the reader some insight about why this adventure has even begun in the first place. Amidst my journey of finding my passions, my dear friend Max came to me with the idea of teaching English in South Korea. Right away, I was enticed. The more and more I wrestled with the idea becoming a reality, it started to dawn on me how scared a trip like this made me become.  My final decision was based solely on the fact that it terrified me. So I set off to a foreign country to teach English, not knowing how to say more than “Hello” and “Thank You” and not having any significant experience teaching. The adventure would pave the way for me and my flexible eagerness to experience new things will give me the courage to see it through.

I determined that this trip would be extremely difficult, and so far it has not disappointed. My justification was that in the end I would come out with some skills that I want: knowing how to communicate with children of another culture, going face to face with the unknown and coming out of it with something to share and to bear witness to an entirely new world. I would also discover that I learned things that were previously unimaginable. This is the fruit at the top of a tree you decide to climb in the shade of night because the canopy was a blanket to the moon you so desperately cared to witness.